Technology : Unreal Engine 4 / C++

Ark: Survival Evolved is a port of the original Ark game present on other platforms to iOS and Android. This was a technically challenging project since it is a multiplayer game with visually stunning graphics. We had to make sure it looked as good on mobile and performed well. I worked on following technologies in this project.

  • Programmed different gameplay mechanics such as creature teleportation, character expiration, autojump, player beacon on death, adaptive AI based on player level and spawn times, etc.
  • Added new in-game building structures, upgraded and added new game abilities to existing creatures. Merged gameplay code for new creatures from PC repository.
  • Mobilized game controls for some in-game content. Optimized some game mechanics such as consolidating multiple actor drops to one to reduce actor count.
  • Split landscape into submaps for streaming and create landscape material with ES3 rendering constraints. Built technology to optimize foliage, underwater maps and cave streaming.
  • Coupling backend and frontend for unofficial server integration.
  • Helped develop server transfer system where player data could be migrated to a different server.
  • Asset reference cleanup to remove unwanted asset references and reduce content size. Nativized certain animation blueprints.
  • Miscellaneous engine crash fixes. Fixed multiplayer issues related to replication.